Why Should You Focus on The Benefits While Writing White Papers?

13 Aug
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When writing marketing materials like white papers, it’s extremely necessary that you concentrate on writing the benefits of the product instead of just mentioning the features. There are many reasons why it’s better to write features before the benefits. Some of them have been listed below.

1. It is easier for the reader:-

When your clients read your white paper they want to finish reading it as quickly as they can. They don’t want to spend their time thinking why this feature is going to help them. They will just read the benefit and can be sure that it’s going to help them.

For e.g. while writing a white paper on cloud computing, if you write the feature that the IT experts don’t have to spend their time maintaining the infrastructure, the reader is going to think “So what?” in their hurried state of mind. However, if you write the benefit which is that they can concentrate on their work and increase productivity, the reader will be able to understand it without spending some time thinking about it.

2. It is more persuasive:-

Writing the benefits is always more persuasive than just writing the features. Writing the features sounds very dull, whereas writing the benefits gives your writing that extra life it required and persuades the reader into using your services.

3. Your readers care about the benefits:-

The main reason clients want to read a white paper is because they want to know the benefit it offers. They want to know how the benefits are going to solve their problems. A white paper with features will just get them more confused as they will now know all about their problems, but they will still be wondering about how to solve them. Therefore your white paper will not be able to do its job and writing it will be a waste.

If you write the benefits they will be sure that your white paper and your product will help them solve their problems and they will be keen on using your product.

Normally the best thing to do is to write a benefit along with the feature. A benefit supported by a feature will make the benefits and the solutions a lot more powerful.

So the next time you write a white paper, make sure you focus on the benefits and not the features.

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