Who Should You Interview Before Writing The White Paper?

12 Sep
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The interview is an important step you need to take before writing the white paper. You need to interview people who will be able to provide some information on the subject and also answer some of your doubts. You also need to interview the marketing team and the people who put forth the idea to write white paper. You need to find out what their aims are and what they want the white paper to depict.

Below is a list of all the people you need to interview before writing the white paper:-

1. Interviewing Experts: Interviewing experts is one of the things you have to do before writing the white paper. Experts who develop the product or the service will know it inside out. They will have the answer to all your questions about the product or the service. They can also advice you on the sources you can read to find out more about the product or service.

Experts can also help you find answers you might never find in a book or from any content.

2. Marketing Team: Some companies have a marketing team. Before you start writing the white paper, it’s important that you interview the marketing team members of the company and find out their aims. You need to find out if they want a white paper that is in relation to their other marketing materials or something completely different.

The marketing people will be the best people who can tell you all about their audience and let you know for whom you should write the white paper.

Also find out what they expect from the white paper. This will help you to write the exact content expected from the white paper)

3. People who run the company: Some of the main people like the CEO, the chairman, etc. need to be interviewed too. These people are the main people that run the company. You need to make sure that you take their aims and views into consideration before writing the white paper, because their aims and views matter too. They might know a lot about the company that the others don’t, as they oversee the whole company.

So before writing the white paper make sure that you interview all the people mentioned above.

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