Who Should Write Your White Paper Marketing Material?

27 Jul
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White paper marketing material should be written right after you finish writing the white paper. But who should write it? Should it be the same person who wrote the white paper or should it be a different person who specializes in writing specific marketing material?

Both these options have their advantages and disadvantages:-

You could hire experts from various fields like email marketing, sales page writing, press release writing etc. and get them to write different marketing material for your white paper. This might get you really good marketing materials for your white paper, but it could also affect the white paper negatively, as too many cooks spoil the broth.  The main problem will be that each of these experts will have their own idea and style which will be completely different from the white paper’s style and the style in which the other marketing material are written. This could make everything seem odd and out of sync.

The advantage of getting your white paper marketing material written by the same writer who wrote the white paper is that, they will write marketing material that goes well with the white paper. Everything will be written in the same style and they will all be in sync with each other. But the problem with this could be that the white paper writer might not know much about white paper marketing or writing other marketing materials and this could affect the marketing strategy.

Therefore the best thing would be to hire a writer who is an expert at writing and marketing white papers, as you can be sure of two things. One is a good white paper and the other is marketing material that will suit your white paper and will have the ability to market it.

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