White papers, blogs and guides the beginning of a new era

18 Jul
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White papers, blogs and guides are the hottest marketing materials at the moment. Marketing used to be directly hitting your clients and customers with sales pitches using sales pages, brochures and other direct marketing material, but that’s in the past. The newest way to market yourself is to use content.

Content marketing in the form of white papers, guides, and blogs is in. You can find out more about this by typing in the words “content marketing”, “marketing using blogs” and “white papers” in your search engines. You will find great experts talking about it everywhere.

Copy sells your services, but what would you prefer reading – educative content or copy? Your clients will be more attracted towards your educative content as they will want to learn more about it. Reading your educative content will help them learn more about their problems and learn tips on how to solve them by themselves.

If they wanted to save some money or they like the challenge they will go ahead and do it by themselves. But if they don’t want to take the risk, they will hire you, as your content demonstrates that you’re the expert. Your content will show them that you have the solutions to all their needs.


Blogs are an important content source you need to have and best of all, they are free. Using platforms like wordpress, blogspot and joomla you can develop blogs for free by attaching them to your domain. After this you can start adding unlimited content using your knowledge or you can hire expert writers to write you quality content. Using free widgets you can develop your blog by yourself and make it into an amazing content source.

The other advantage is that search engines are attracted towards blogs. Search engines like places like blogs where new content is updated on a regular basis. Therefore having a blog with SEO plugins and SEO content will help you gather large amounts of audiences from search engines.

White Papers:

White papers are great sources of content too. They are a mixture of educative magazine articles and persuasive brochures. They have the ability to explain complicated subjects in an easy to understand persuasive manner. Not that they can’t be used to describe easy subjects. They can be placed on your blogs or your website and your readers and clients can be encouraged to read them. Once read they use their educative and persuasive ability to generate leads. They are your modern landing pages.

Social Media Presence:

At the moment having a good social media presence is one of the basic necessities for any company. To have a good social media presence your company should either have many offers or good content they can share. Social media is a place where people share content, build relationships and generate leads. This is the reason why you need to have good blog posts and/or white papers you can share with your potential clients.

So go ahead and start a blog if you haven’t got one already and don’t forget to write some white papers too.

You can learn how to write white papers by reading our free white paper “Understand and Write White Papers”.


Hope this article was helpful? Have you tried out content marketing? Has it been effective for you?

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