White Papers Are The Modern Landing Pages

20 Jul
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White papers and guides are your new landing pages. Content in the form of blogs and articles has become so important these days. If you’re a company you need content to market yourself properly to help you stand out from your competitors. Content gives you that extra edge, especially if you’re a new company as it lets you expose your expertise to your potential clients.

Content lets them know that you have been there and done it. Content also gives you a foothold in social media. Social media has become so important these days. People continue to spend more amount of time on social media like facebook, Twitter, etc. and now Google +. If you, as a company want to be successful in social media, you need to share content, written by others and make some fans and friends.

If you want to market yourself using social media you need to share your own content too and let your friends and followers know about your expertise. Though content is educative it is not persuasive. You need persuasive marketing materials or offers to market your services to your clients. But regular marketing material doesn’t have a strong effect on social media.

This is where white papers come in. White papers are a cross between educative magazine articles and persuasive brochures. They can easily be shared on social media as content and your clients will readily read them. When read both the educative and the persuasive natures of the white paper make an impact on the reader. The educative part educates the reader and the persuasive part generates leads.

This is the reason why white papers are your modern landing pages. You need to make sure that you write one or get one written in order to better market your expertise.


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