White Paper Writing – Help! I’m Finding it Hard to Write it

14 Jun
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“I’m finding it really hard to write the white paper” I have been contacted by people reciting this phrase. Some of them are writers and some of them are people in the company who have been assigned to write the paper.


They’ve taken up the job of writing the paper without having any expertise in the subject. They are really worried about writing the paper, as they’re not able to understand the subject. They are really worried that they might write something that is incorrect.


To this I always tell them that not knowing anything about the subject gives them an advantage over somebody who is an expert. The expert normally expects everybody around them to know about the subject. If they write the paper they’re going to write a paper in the language of experts. A white paper only the experts can understand.


Experts in the subject normally use complicated words and jargon that their audience will not understand. This will make the paper go to waste.


When you write it you’re going to write about the subject at the simplest level, using the simplest of terms. This will help it reach a wider audience, who are going to understand every word you’ve written, as there will be many readers who don’t know anything about the subject. This is the advantage you’ve got over the expert, the ability to understand your audience and write a better paper.


I’m Stuck Please Help Me!


If you’re stuck with the subject, then the best thing to do is to call up the company and interview their experts again. Before you interview them write down a list of all the questions you plan to ask. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask them anything. Make sure you clear all your doubts during this interview.


If this interview hasn’t helped you clear up your doubts then call up experts outside the company. Contact university professors or PhD students who are experts in that field. Tell them your problems and ask them your questions. If they’re too busy, take them out for lunch. It’s worth the effort. They will be more inclined to meet you and help you and it will also give you a chance to relax.


All these interviews and research will help you understand the basics, which you can include in your paper. A paper that explains everything about the product, even the basics in the simplest of terms will work better.


These tips work if you’re having problems with the subject of the paper. If you’re having problems with the writing and selling of the product then the best thing to do is to contact an Expert White Paper Writer.


Hope this article was helpful?


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