White Paper too short – Having Problems Making Your Paper Long Enough

7 Jul
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Sometimes even after you write down all the contents of the white paper, it might not reach the desired length. Normally if you research everything and find out more benefits and using this you discover more problems and solutions, you should have enough information to write the white paper.


You could also discuss the problems and the solutions in more detail and make the paper longer.


For some reason if you aren’t able to make it long enough, you can add some extra content to increase the length of the paper. Couple of things you could do are:-


1. Provide a definition: Define the term you’re writing about. Give your reader more information about your subject, so that the paper will be easy to understand. This will not only help improve the length, but will also make the writing easy to understand if the reader is completely new to the subject.


You can make this definition as long as possible, by writing everything about it. Do all the research you can about the basics of this term and write about it. You can slowly build upon this and write the more complicated contents. This way you will have an informative long definition, which will make reading the rest of the white paper easy.


2. Write about the history: Give a brief history about the term you’re discussing. Let the reader know how this term has evolved over the years and become what it has become today. For e.g. let’s say you’re writing a white paper on text message marketing. You can start off with the history of marketing. Write about using newspapers, magazines, sales people, after that you can start writing about telemarketing in detail. You can let the reader know about how telemarketing was used and then you can discuss the new internet phones and how they’ve evolved.


After you have created a base for your content you can start adding the rest of the content. This will help you increase the length of the paper.


Hope this article was helpful?


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So what do you do to increase the length of your white papers?