White Paper Structure – Choosing a Structure That Works

3 Jun
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You need to decide on your white paper structure before you start writing it. Before you do this it’s important that you gather all the information and decide on the problems you’re going to discuss in the paper. You need to be sure that your paper consists of an introduction, problems, solutions to the problems and the company’s services/products which are related to the solutions discussed in the paper.


After this you can decide the white paper structure. The structure you choose depends upon your personal taste and the product or service you’re planning to market in the paper. Always put the product/service first and choose a structure that suits it.


There are two structures which are used more often than any other structure. One is where you discuss the problem and the solution in the same place i.e. you write down the problem and right after that you write down the solution. The other structure is the one where you list and discuss the problems in the first section and you list and discuss the solutions to all these problems in the next section of the paper.


Both these structures have their own advantages:


1. Placing the problems and solutions in the same place: The advantage of this white paper structure is that the problems and the solution can be found in the same place. The reader can just take a look at the specific problems they are interested in and read the solutions to them right away. They don’t have to spend their time looking for the solution to the problems they are interested in. If they’re in a hurry they can just take a look at the solutions to the problems they are interested in solving.


2. Listing the problems and the solutions separately: The advantage of this white paper structure is that reading the problems first will get the reader really worried and will make them really keen on finding out the solutions. This will make the solutions work better as the reader will get some time to think about the problems. The other advantage is that if the readers are in a hurry and they’re looking for the solution to a specific problem, they can just read the solution they’re interested in and ignore the rest of it.


I personally prefer the second white paper structure as it suits my style of writing. The best thing to do is to experiment writing with both the structures and use the one, which you and your client feel will sell your product better.


Remember, both these structures work only when you write the problem first and then the solution and after that the product/service info.


Hope this article was helpful?


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