White Paper Referencing – Is it Important?

7 Jun
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I have been asked this question about white papers referencing a few times. Referencing can be a confusing job sometimes and it could take up a lot of your time. You might not be sure if it’s worth going through all that trouble referencing about most or all the information in the paper.


My answer to this is, do it, reference as much as you can in the white paper. This is one of the factors that will make your paper stand out from other marketing materials.


A reader might come across factors in the paper that are hard to believe, and solutions that sound amazing. The reader might think that you’re just making these facts and solutions up, because you’re a writer, an advertiser and you’re doing it for a company that would do anything to get more clients and profits. They don’t know you yet, so how can they trust you?


You can’t blame them for this, can you? Don’t you yourself come across spam ads like “Make $1000 A day from the comfort of your house”, some people ignore this and look for something that sounds more real, some people fall into the trap and learn their lesson the hard way and from there on, find it hard to trust any marketing material.


I myself have come across many of these spam ads and unbelievable commercials. Commercials which show you that having an energy drink will make you perform like your favorite sports person, this makes you go “What, do they think I’m an idiot?” I saw an advert the other day which showed that having a fat and sugar laden yogurt can help you look young and make your skin sparkle. Ads like these make people lose their trust in the media and advertisers.


You need to find a way to make the reader trust you. This is what white paper references do, they add credibility. If your reader finds the solutions or the problems too hard to believe they will go through the references and find researchers and reporters, who have said “yes it’s true”.


These references will make sure that the reader trusts you and will increase the chances of them using the solutions provided by you.


So next time you write your paper make sure you add as many references as you can, it’s worth the effort.


Hope this article was helpful?


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