White Paper Marketing With Direct Mail

20 Jul
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White paper marketing with direct mail! I’m sure you have never heard of this, but it can be very effective if used the right way.

Most white paper marketing materials like sales pages, press releases and emails are computer based. The reader has to either read them and then read your white paper while sitting in front of a computer straining their eyes which are already over strained or they have to take their own print outs. They could also read them on their ebook readers, but these readers have the glaring painful light too and most PDFs are not made suitable for these readers.

But this is the edge your paper will have over the other papers. Your direct mail will have an intro page which markets the paper in less than 300 words after the introduction you can have a printed version of your paper.

What would your client want to read? Your printed, ready to read paper which they are holding in their hand or a glaring paper on their computer screen.

Yes they will read yours right away. Even if they don’t read it right away they will definitely read it later. Your white paper perfectly suits their busy life style. They can even read it in their cars or in their beds.

So make sure you use direct mail to market your white paper.

Tips for writing direct mail for your white paper:-

1. The aim of your direct mail sales page will be to market your educative part of the paper. You need to make sure you don’t try to sell the other end, which is the information about your company.

2. Keep the length of the sales letter to a minimum of 300.

3. Start off with a headline that not only generates curiosity but also mentions a benefit. The benefit could be one of the main problems the paper helps solve.

4. After the headline write down the main benefits of reading the white paper. Write about the main solutions and the big problems the white paper can help solve. After this continue writing about the rest of the solutions.

5. You can briefly mention your services. But there’s no need to try hard to sell them. The aim of your sales letter is to get them to read your white paper. Once they do this you can be sure of it selling your services.

6. Have a call to action at the end which will make them flip the page and read your white paper.

7. At the end give your reader options. Give them all your contact info and also include a self addressed stamped envelope to make it easy for them to contact you.

If you follow these tips you will have a great direct mail sales letter that markets your white paper.

For more white paper marketing tips read our free white paper, “How To Market a White Paper”.

Have you ever used direct mail to market your white papers? Has it worked for you?