White Paper Marketing – Is It Necessary?

19 Jun
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White Paper marketing is the next step you need to take after you finish writing your paper. Your paper is a really powerful tool. It has the ability to generate many leads when it’s read. So the key to your paper generating leads is to make sure that it’s read.


These papers are normally read by clients at work. These readers are generally decision makers of the company. They’re really busy and it’s going to take some work to convince them to read your 10 to 14 page paper. You need to let them know that investing some of their time to read your paper will be worth it.


To convince them to read your paper you need some powerful marketing material.  Powerful short marketing materials that are an easy and quick read should be written. These short marketing materials should quickly convince your reader to read your long paper. They need to let them know that it’s worth the time and effort.


Some Powerful White Paper Marketing Tools are:-


1. Sales pages: Sales pages can be very effective at marketing these papers. You can have a page on your website that contains the sales page. If written the right way they can convince your clients to read the paper. The best thing to do is to write a sales page that summarizes the contents of the paper. You could also add the first page of the paper to the sales page to tease the reader and get them engrossed.


Sales pages can also help you obtain emails of potential customers.


2. Press Releases: Using Press Releases can be a great way to market these papers. Journalists are always on the lookout for press releases. If you can write great press releases, that lets journalists know that your paper is an educative piece and can help people gain a lot of knowledge. Then you can be sure that these journalists will help spread the word. News about your papers can reach hundreds of websites.


Online Press release can also help provide powerful back-links to your blog and your website.


3. Emails: A persuasive email is one of the basic requirements while marketing white papers, as you will always need to send emails to clients asking them to read your paper. You will need them both for clients who asked for your papers and those who come across it out of the blue.

The objective of the email is to let the reader know what the paper contains and how they’re going to benefit by reading it. You could send the link to the paper’s sales page or attach it to the email.


4. Speech: Speeches can be used to market these papers. For e.g. let’s say you’re giving a presentation during the launch of a new product, you can give your audience some information about the product and then you can let them know about the paper and what it contains. If they find your speech and product interesting they will be keen on reading the paper.


5. Brochure: Your paper is actually a cross between a magazine article and a brochure, but you can have a brochure for the product or the company which is written in brevity, here you can give some information about the paper written in a persuasive manner. It needs to convince the reader to read the paper.


6. Blogs: Blogs can be powerful tools as they help you show off your expertise. Blogs are known to attract more attention than websites from search engines. In fact they are often used to divert attention to websites. You can do the same with your paper. You could write a blog post about the latest problems your paper helps solving and at the end you can provide a link to the sales page your paper is located on.


7. Forums: Visit related forums and leave links there that lead to your sales page. This will help drive a lot of traffic to the sales page and from there on your sales page can do its job.


8. Video: Posting a video on your blog or website where an important member of your company talks about your paper can work wonders. One reason is that people prefer watching videos to reading as they help grasp information faster. The other reason is people pay more attention when experts speak. So make a video where an expert or an important figure in your company recites important information about your papers.


9. Direct Mail: Direct mail letters written for the right target audience can convince busy people to read your document. You can either enclose the printed version of the paper in the envelope or send the link to your paper’s sales page in the letter.


Direct mail works better for the B2C papers than B2B papers.


10. SEO: You might have written one of the best papers ever, but it’s one of many marketing materials that are present on the internet. Your document needs to out compete all the marketing materials out there. The only way you can do this is SEO. Getting your press releases, sales pages and blogs SEO can help your paper get all the attention it requires.


11. Social Media: Social media has become a very powerful tool. In fact the number of people who use facebook is more than the number who use Google the most popular search engine. If you can use social media like facebook, twitter, etc. the right way, then you can get your document to reach a really large audience.


Using all these media together can help your paper reach a vast audience.


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