White Paper Landing Page – The Basic Requirement For Every White Paper

17 Jul
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A white paper landing page should be the basic requirement for your paper, if you’re serious about marketing it. This landing page is necessary, as it’s the page you need to direct all your readers to. Every other marketing material like press releases, videos, social media and blogs need to direct the reader to this landing page and from there on it’s the job of this page to convince the reader to download and read the paper.

This is the feature that makes it the most important white paper marketing material. You can write it like any other sales page or landing page, but you need to keep a few things in mind as you are writing it for your white paper.

Below you will find tips that will help you write a white paper sales page which will convince your readers to read your paper:-

1. Have a headline which attracts attention and mentions a benefit. The aim of the headline is to convince the reader to read the sales page. Your reader will want to read your sales page only if it can help them. So your headline has to let them know the main benefit of reading the white paper. Keep the length of this headline to less than 14 words. Also add a sub headline to supplement the main headline.

2. Then comes the most important part of the sales page the body copy. You need to make sure you write this part the right way. Many people make the mistake of writing about the company, the company’s experience and expertise here, but you should never focus on this. Your sales page should focus on the benefits of reading the paper.

You need to focus on the first part of the white paper, where the problems and solutions are discussed. You need to let the reader know about the problems and how they are affecting them at the moment and how they can counter them by using solutions that have been discussed in the white paper, which will help the company function better. But just write about them briefly, as you don’t want to make it too long.

3. Keep the length to a maximum of 300 words.

4. After you finish writing the sales page, you can add an excerpt from your paper which could be the first page of the white paper. Your reader can start reading this part of the white paper right away and after the first page you can add a couple of lines which ask them to register for your white paper if they would like to read the rest of it.

You could actually experiment with this – you could have one sales page with the excerpt and one which directly leads to the paper. For my white paper, “Understand and Write White Papers” – I wrote two sales pages one had the excerpt of the first page and the other one directly lead to the registration box(fields). Both of them have been equally effective.

5. Have a call to action that asks the reader to read the white paper.

6. At the end of the sales page have a link to the white paper or registration fields which will deliver or display the white paper only after registration. The advantage of the link is that it will lead them right away to the white paper. The advantage of the registration box is that you can use it to get their names and email address which you can use to inform them about latest posts, newsletters and offers which will help you generate leads. The disadvantage of this is that some people might not want to give you their personal details and this will discourage them from reading your white paper.

To increase the chances of them registering ask them to only provide their name and email address. Don’t ask them to fill in their phone numbers, website address etc. as this will discourage them from registering.

If you follow these steps you will have a powerful sales page that will convince your reader to read the white paper.

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