White paper headline – Grab all the attention

14 Jun
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The white paper headline is one of the key features, as it is the first thing the reader sees. It needs to have the ability to gather all the attention it can and encourage the reader to read on.


A good headline mentions a benefit and generates curiosity. The benefit lets the reader know what to expect and if the benefit is good, the reader will be more inclined to read on.


It would also be nice to have a sub-headline along with the main headline. The aim of the sub-headline will be to expand on the headline. It could let the reader know more about what the first headline meant and what more to expect by reading on.


Characteristics of a good white paper headline:


1. Shorter than 14 words: A good headline is shorter than 14 words. This makes them easily readable and attractive.


2. Size matters: The bigger the size of the headline the more attention it’s going to generate. It needs to look pleasant and easily readable. Make it as big as you can. But don’t make it too big as it might look weird when its size is compared to the size of the text.


3. Looks attractive: The duty of the headline is to attract attention. Therefore the more attractive it looks, the more attention it’s going to attract. Take the help of your designer and add colours and design to make the headline stand out. You could also create a separate first page just for the headline.


4. Mentions a benefit and generates curiosity: The mentioning of an important benefit or a solution to a complicated problem will make your headline work wonders.  Clients will be more inclined on reading it as they will be sure about learning something.


People by nature are curious. If your headline has the ability to generate curiosity, then people will definitely read on.


5. Has a second headline to support it: A good headline can be extremely powerful, but you can make it even more powerful by adding a second headline. The aim of this second headline will be to assist the main headline and let the reader know more about the paper.


If you make sure that your paper’s headline has all these characteristics. Then you can be sure of it attracting a lot of attention.


The number of people who read your headline is 4 times of those who read your body copy. Having a good headline will make sure that these three other people read your paper.


You might have written the best paper in the world, but if you have a bad and dull headline then the chances of it being read will go down. This means the hours and weeks you spent writing it will go down the drain. Even if your paper isn’t well written, a good headline will make sure that it’s read.


So remember to put in all the effort you can and write a white paper headline that works.


Hope this article was helpful?


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