White Paper Emotions – How to Use them effectively

14 Jun
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Emotional triggers can play an important role in your white paper. People make decisions based on their emotions. When buying product or using a service emotions like fear, envy, greed, happiness, laziness, etc. come into play. Good writers and marketers work on the emotions of their audience to sell their products.


These emotional triggers will make the reader want the product/service even more.


Fear comes into play when you let the reader know that, if they don’t use the product they could end up losing a lot. It also comes into play when you let the reader know that the offer has a deadline or the product is scarce and they need to hurry to buy it.


Envy comes into play when you let the reader know that there are others using the product and are happy with it.


You can work on the Greed emotion by offering free products along with your product or service. Your reader will be more inclined on trying it now.


When your product makes them or others Happy, they’re definitely going to try it out.


Laziness comes into play when you let the reader know how easy it is to obtain the product. You need to let them know that it’s only a click away, a phone call away etc. As soon as they know that they don’t have to put in much effort they will buy the product right away. You can also play on the laziness emotion if your product has the ability to lessen your reader’s work load.


Using emotions in the white paper…


You can make a use of some of these emotions in your paper too.


Fear: This is the first thing your paper needs to do, it needs to have the ability to instil fear. If you can write the first section (problems) of the paper the right way, then you will definitely instil fear in your reader. That should be the aim of the problems. They need to get the reader worried and afraid of the problems.


Relief and happiness:


Providing relief and happiness is the duty of the second part (solutions) of the paper. When the reader starts reading the solutions part of the paper they are already in a worried state of mind. The problems have caused them to think about all the problems that are affecting them. At the moment they are thinking about how badly it’s affecting their business.


This is where the solutions come in. The solutions you write need to let the reader know that there’s no need to worry about the problems, as they can solve them using these solutions.


So you need to write them the right way, so that they can work on these emotions. Your solutions need to provide relief and happiness.




After reading the solutions part of the paper your reader is looking for ways to implement those solutions by themselves. They’re thinking about the cost, the effort, and the time it’s going to take. Your company/product/service info part of the paper needs to work on laziness factor.


It needs to let the reader know that without putting in a lot of effort and time, they can use a readymade solution, which will save them huge amounts of time and money. This is what this section should portray.


If you follow these tips and work on these emotions with your paper you should be able to create a paper that works.


Hope this article was helpful?


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