When Should You Start Marketing Your White Paper?

31 Jul
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White paper marketing is the key to getting your white paper read. Marketing gives your paper more exposure and increases the chance of it being noticed. You need to aggressively market it so that people know that is exists and will want to read it. So when do you start marketing it?

Do you start marketing your white paper before or after its released?

It’s best to market it before it’s released as you can have a queue of readers waiting to read your paper. This way you can build your mailing list, and you will be sure of somebody wanting to read your white paper.

How do you start marketing before hand?

  • Write a blog post: Write a blog post saying that your white paper is going to be released soon or on a specific date and let the readers know what it contains and how’s it going to help them. Ask them to sign up to your mailing list and let them know you will email it to them as soon as it’s ready. This will not only help you have an audience lined up, but will also help you get more contacts for your mailing list.
  • Advertise on facebook: Create a facebook landing page and ask people to visit it to get to know more about the paper. On the landing page place a video explaining everything about the paper or place some persuasive text, which lets them know more about the white paper. Provide some signing in fields and ask them to click like to be able to see the sign up for the white paper. Don’t forget to ask them to click the like button. This will not only build your mailing list, but will also increase your fan base to which you can market your white paper.
  • Send newsletters to your already existing mailing list and let them know about your white paper and ask them to visit your blog post to find out more about it.

This way you can get attract a lot of attention to your white paper, even before you release it.

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