When do You Write About Your Company and Your Product or Service in the White Paper?

3 Jun
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The company info and its products and/or services should always be written at the end of the white paper.


Normally after I finish writing the first draft of the white paper, I send it over to the client, so that they can read it.  Sometimes I get a response like, “I really like the paper, but would it be possible to write about our company earlier than at the end”. To this my response is always “No”.


The client then explains why they think that it should be written before. They fear that if the reader just reads the parts that are useful to them, and gets the solution to their problems, they may end up ignoring the company info. They think that mentioning their company somewhere in the middle will ensure that the reader knows about their company and its products and services.


To this I normally explain why it’s important to write the solution at the end. I normally say something like.


The reason why someone is going prefer reading your papers to any other direct marketing material is because your white paper will guarantee them to learn something useful. They can be sure of benefiting from your  papers. This paper starts off with a problem then the solution and finally information about the product/service that provides this solution. This structure of the paper makes the client want to try out the product/service that is written at the end of the document right after the solutions.  To find out more about how this structure works please read this post.


Other direct marketing materials like sales pages, direct mail, brochures etc. are written in a different way from white papers, you normally start off with a benefit or a question which then leads to your product or service almost immediately. This works too, but not as effectively as these papers.


The conversion rate (marketing potential) for direct marketing material like a good brochure is around 15% and that for a good white paper is more than 60%.


Now if you start writing your company info in the middle of the white paper, it will make your paper seem like a direct marketing material and might lose your readers attention, thereby reducing it’s conversion rate. This is the main reason why you need to stick to the rules and write about the company information at the end. Doing this will ensure that your document is read and generates leads from more than 60% of the readers.


So that’s the reason why you always write about your company and its products/service at the end.


Hope this article was helpful?


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