What is a White Paper?

27 Jun
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What is a white paper?  When you combine an educative and information rich magazine article and a persuasive brochure you get a white paper. The magazine part of the document educates the reader and the brochure part sells the product/service of the company.


This educative and persuasive character makes it one of the most powerful marketing tools. Clients are more inclined on reading the paper as it is informative. They expect to learn a lot from the magazine part and they do. But the brochure part of the paper also does its job. The brochure part of the paper which is written in a persuasive manner at the end sells your product/service.


What is a white paper? With more detail…


The contents of these marketing tools can be categorized into a headline, introduction, problems, solutions, and company product/service info.


The job of the headline is to attract attention.


The introduction normally lets the reader know all about the contents of the paper. It consists of all the problems and solutions written in a brief and easy to understand manner.


After this part comes the problems part. Here the problems that affect the reader are written. You need to discuss the problems in their market, in their company, and how these problems are hindering their ability to function better and make higher profits.


The next part, which is the solutions part, needs to give the solutions to all the problems you have discussed in the problems section. You need to let your reader know about the solutions they can use to solve these problems that will help their company function better and help them make higher profits.


After this comes the part where you describe the products/services offered by the company. This section has to let your reader know that you have a readymade solution that provides the same solutions that were described in the solutions section. This section needs to make the reader want to use your solutions.


All these contents when written the right way will make your paper a powerful marketing tool.


Hope this answers your question?


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