What is The Similarity Between a White Paper and a Good Salesman?

12 Jan
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Who would you prefer doing business with?

A salesman who starts talking about his business right away and starts asking you to buy his products or a salesman who talks to you about your interests and needs for 20 to 30 minutes and then sells you his products. I am sure you would prefer the second one who sells you his product only after he’s helped you and made you feel special.

A white paper is like a good salesman…

A white paper is just like a good sales man. Unlike regular direct marketing materials like website copy, landing pages, brochures; which directly sell products and services without discussing the client’s needs, a white paper spends sometime making it all about the client. They discuss the problems faced by the client first, after that they give them the solutions to the problems and only after they have helped them, do they market the services or products.

This way of first building a relationship and then marketing the product or service makes the white paper one of the most powerful marketing tools. Therefore, when you write a white paper you always need to make sure you’re writing it to help someone. Your job as the writer is to see to it that the white paper contains a lot of useful information about the problems faced by the reader and how they need to solve them.

More helpful content…

If 80 to 90% of your white paper is all about helping the reader and making them feel special then your white paper will sell your product or service, as it will be just like the successful salesman who sells the product by making it all about the client.

When people read your white paper and it makes them feel special and solves their problems, people will want to work with your company as your white paper, will show them that you’re willing to take the time to help them, instead of just selling your product.

So always write white papers that educate – that should be the aim of your white paper – to educate. The education will sell your expertise and the product.

To learn how to write a white paper, read this free white paper on how to write a white paper.

Do you see any other similarities between white papers and good salesman? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.