Using a Case Study In a White Paper

9 Aug
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A case study is a marketing material which shows the reader that the product being marketed has already been used by a customer, satisfactorily.

Normally, a case study is used later in the sales cycle after the white paper has been used. The white paper lets the reader know about the problem and the solution. The case study reaffirms the reader that the product or service mentioned in the white paper works. It’s like a powerful testimonial with a lot of proof backing it.

Normally, the case study is a separate document that the reader has to read separately. To save the reader this trouble and also to make the white paper more powerful, a step that can be taken would be to merge the case study with the white paper.

You can just include the case study right after the solutions sections of the white paper which comes right before the company information.

The advantages of placing the case study in the white paper:-

1. This makes it easier for the reader to read the case study. The reader doesn’t have to spend some time downloading or printing the case study.

2. It makes the case study and the white paper work better together. Normally after the reading the white paper the reader might take a break, as it could take a long time to read a long white paper. During this time, the marketing momentum gained by your white paper could be weakened, but if the case study is merged with the white paper the reader can read it right away and both the combined reading of the white paper and the case study will work better.

3. It Beefs up the white paper. If your white paper is too short then adding a case study to it will lengthen it and make it more proficient and effective.

4. The reader won’t forget to read the case study. White papers are read by busy decision makers. After they finish reading your white paper they might get back into doing some of their important work and the chance of them reading your separate case study will go down. Therefore, it’s better to include the case study in the white paper.

So if possible try and include your case study in your white paper.