Use a White Paper to Make Your Products and Services Stand Out From Your Competition

17 Jul
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A white paper can help make your products/services stand out. The main problem with selling your product or service is competition. Even if your product or service is unique in its own way, usually there are others out there that provide the same solutions.

You need to let your clients know that your solution is better than your competitor’s solutions. For this you need to show the advantages and disadvantages of using your competitor’s solutions and the advantages of using your solutions. The best way to go about demonstrating this is with the help of a white paper.

How do you structure a white paper to make your products stand out?

First have a good headline that lets your reader know about the benefits of reading the paper. Also have a second headline that mentions some extra benefits. After writing down the headlines you can add a brief instruction that explains the advantage of reading this paper.

Now you can write the problems the reader faces, first you need to start off with the main problems that affect the reader. The problems you write about should be in relation with your solutions and your competitor’s solutions. Once you have created a base problem, you can start writing about the flaws of using the solutions provided by your competitors. You need to let your reader know about the advantages and disadvantages of using these solutions.

Once you have written all the problems of using your competitor’s solutions you can start writing the solutions to all these problems. All these solutions should be in relation to the solutions offered by you. You need to let the reader know what’s different about them using these solutions, and how these solutions will help them perform better. Once you have described all the solutions, you can start adding all the information about your product/service.

If you follow this structure and write your white paper you can be sure of having a white paper that will make your solutions look better than the solutions offered by your competitors. This will make your readers want to try out your solutions more than your competitors.

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