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  Today I, Mitt Ray co-hosted a webinar with Carol Tice at the Freelance Writers Den. The webinar titled “How to Write White Papers,” covers everything you need to know about what white papers are, how do companies use them, how to write them, how to get work as a white paper writer, etc. You […]

  Today I published a white paper – How To Get Started With Inbound Marketing on my New Blog Social Marketing. The white paper teaches you what inbound marketing is, why you need to use it as part of your marketing strategy, the different types of content you can use as part of your inbound […]

  If you’re serious about getting good at writing white papers you need to read a lot of well written white papers. You need to make an effort to find well written white papers on various subjects and read them thoroughly. When I first started off as a white paper writer I read countless number […]

  The first two sample chapters of the book White Paper Marketing, which I have co-authored with Lawrence Harte and Carolyn Luck is out. The book contains every bit of information you need about white papers. Everything you need to know about – what they are, how they are used, how to write them, how […]

Back in August I, Mitt Ray was asked to work on the “White Paper Marketing” book with Lawrence Harte and Carolyn Luck. We have finally finished working on the book which will be available in January 2012. But the sample chapter will be available next week. The book contains all the information you need on […]