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  Do you know what the 80% white paper rule is? Have you ever followed it? Last week when I wrote the post “21 Important Rules to Follow While Writing Your White Paper,” I mentioned what the 80% white paper rule was, but I did so very briefly. I wanted to expand on that point […]

  If you want your white paper to be read completely and to help you generate leads, you need to make it reader friendly. Making your white paper reader friendly will increase its chances of generating leads. Follow the 5 tips below to make your white paper reader friendly:- 1. Easy to read: Make your […]

  Many people think that a white paper can just be a page or a couple of pages long. Well you can attempt to write a one or two page white paper, but it won’t be a white paper. A white paper needs to have a detailed discussion of a problem and its solution – […]

  Today I, Mitt Ray co-hosted a webinar with Carol Tice at the Freelance Writers Den. The webinar titled “How to Write White Papers,” covers everything you need to know about what white papers are, how do companies use them, how to write them, how to get work as a white paper writer, etc. You […]

  On Thursday, the 26th of January, 12 PM Pacific Time, I will be co-hosting the webinar How to Write White Papers at the Freelance Writers Den, with Carol Tice. This one hour webinar will cover everything you need to know about how to write white papers. It will first start off with a 15 […]

  Who would you prefer doing business with? A salesman who starts talking about his business right away and starts asking you to buy his products or a salesman who talks to you about your interests and needs for 20 to 30 minutes and then sells you his products. I am sure you would prefer […]

  Today I published a white paper – How To Get Started With Inbound Marketing on my New Blog Social Marketing. The white paper teaches you what inbound marketing is, why you need to use it as part of your marketing strategy, the different types of content you can use as part of your inbound […]

  If you’re serious about getting good at writing white papers you need to read a lot of well written white papers. You need to make an effort to find well written white papers on various subjects and read them thoroughly. When I first started off as a white paper writer I read countless number […]