Should You Focus on a White Paper Writing Niche?

19 Sep
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Writing white papers for a living can be a great job, if you enjoy writing them. When you start writing white papers for a living, you have two choices – You can either focus on one niche like Cloud computing, CRM, insurance, or anything that interests you, or you already have experience in writing. The other choice is to write on any topic you want to. You could write a white paper on Taxonomy Enterprise Search Systems one day and then the next day on IT health care systems and so on.

Both these choices of white paper writing have their own advantages and disadvantages:-

1. Advantages of focusing on only one white paper niche:-

a) You can get all the jobs in that niche. For e.g. if you focus on a niche of writing white papers for content management systems, anybody who needs white papers on the subject of content management systems will prefer to hire you as you have more experience writing on that subject.

b) It will help you gain a lot of knowledge on one subject and improve your general expertise, as you will be concentrating on that subject alone.

c) It could increase your job prospects if you were looking for a job in that particular niche in the future and if somebody requires a person who writes white papers in the niche you have chosen, you will be the perfect choice.

Disadvantages of focusing on a white paper niche:-

a) It could limit your ability to land white paper writing jobs from other niches. This could be a problem, if there are very few white paper writing jobs in your niche.

b) It could change your style of white paper writing. Once you start writing for a single niche, you could start getting used to the technical and complicated words and you might start using them in your white papers. This could confuse somebody if they are reading a white paper on that subject for the first time ever and the client could end up losing some of their potential clients.

2. Advantages on writing white papers for various subjects:-

a) It would be easy for you to land many white paper writing jobs over various niches. You could write one for a technology company one day and the next day you could write for a financial subject.

b) It will help you gain a lot of knowledge, without boring you out, because you don’t have to do the same thing every day.

c) When you are not the expert, you can write a white paper on a complicated subject using the simplest of words, so that even the layman can understand. For more information on how this works, read this post and this one.

Disadvantages on writing for multiple white paper niches:-

a) It could make it hard for you to land white paper writing jobs, in subjects where many white paper experts on that particular niche can be found, who can whip up a quality white paper.

b) You will not be able to focus on one subject and learn more about it.

The best thing to do would be to try out a single niche if you are already an expert on the subject, who knows? Maybe you will start landing all the white paper writing jobs in this niche. Otherwise, you could focus on all subjects and see where this leads.

Personally I prefer writing for various niches, as I am comfortable with it and I enjoy gaining knowledge in different subjects.

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So do you prefer focusing on a niche or do you prefer writing white papers on multiple subjects?