Reading White Papers Can Make You a Better White Paper Writer

28 Dec
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If you’re serious about getting good at writing white papers you need to read a lot of well written white papers. You need to make an effort to find well written white papers on various subjects and read them thoroughly.

When I first started off as a white paper writer I read countless number of white papers and I studied them carefully. Even today when I come across a good white paper or one referred to me by other writers I carefully read and study them.

How can you gain knowledge by writing white papers?

When you read a white paper you shouldn’t just read them plainly, you need to make an effort to study them closely. Studying them closely will help you understand how good white papers are written.

1. Pay close attention to the structure: When you read a white paper take a look at the structure. See the different types of structures, different types of writers use and what subject and type of audience those white papers are written for. Make a note of which structures work best and how you can implement these structures too.

2. Check how much information is being given away: Make a note of the information that is being given away in the white papers. Note whether the writers and the companies giving away their secrets or just providing some basic information.

3. Carefully look at the writing style: Different white paper writers use different writing styles. Make a note of these writing styles and determine which one seems to work best.

4. Take a look at the design: Take a look at the different types of designs different white papers have and check which ones seem to work and which ones are too loud and drown out the content. You can use the designs that work well and avoid those which are too loud, when you write and design your own white papers.

If you follow the above tips you should soon see an improvement in the quality of your white papers.

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Hope you find this post helpful. Do you read white papers on a regular basis? Have you found it helpful? Have you gained any tips by reading white papers? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.