Pinterest Consulting With Mitt Ray

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Would you like to promote your business with Pinterest?

Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social networks. Millions of users visit the site every month. Lots of businesses have taken advantage of this to increase website traffic and to drive sales and leads. In fact it has become the highest traffic generator for a lot of websites. It’s also become a powerful sales tool and lead generator.

Businesses need to make sure they get on this social network as quickly as they can and take advantage of it just like others. But getting started and promoting your business on a new site like Pinterest can sound like a complicated task.


This process can be simplified by consulting me. I, Mitt Ray, can teach you:-

  1. How to get started with Pinterest
  2. How to set up a Pinterest brand page
  3. How to promote your business on Pinterest
  4. How to optimize your website for Pinterest
  5. What works on Pinterest and what doesn’t
  6. And various other Pinterest promotion tips

I can also help you set up a new Pinterest brand page (this will include a free hour of consulting).

If you’re interested in working with me please contact me through email or by filling up the below form…

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