Locations in the White Paper Where Your Contact Information Should Be Placed

3 Sep
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When writing a white paper, the best place to market your services is at the end of the white paper. Marketing your white paper should be avoided at the beginning of the white paper. At the end of the white paper you can provide your company information, the benefits of using your products, your call to action and your contact information. But your contact information can actually be provided earlier in the white paper.  It’s actually better to provide it earlier in the white paper.

You shouldn’t market yourself on every page, but you can include contact information.

Checklist of information which should be provided on every page of your white paper:-

1. Your logo at the top right hand corner or the top left hand corner of every page

2. Your website address at the left or right footer of every page

3. Your phone number and/or your email address

4. Your company name

The advantages of providing these contact details:-

1. The contact details will create an impression in the readers mind. The reader will always know the name of the company that created the white paper. This will let the reader know that this company is very knowledgeable and can be trusted to provide the right service and products.

2. If your reader, who is in a hurry, skimmed through some of the problems and solutions and is satisfied that your solutions will work for them, they can look at your contact details and contact your right away.

3. Sometimes after the reader has read the entire white paper, they might go back and read the problems and the solutions they had already read. Now when they do this you want to encourage them to contact you. When they are reading the problems and solutions the second or third time or many more times after this they will not want to go on and read the services or products you provide, because they have already read them.

This is when the contact details will persuade them to contact them. They will read the problems and the solutions and right along with them your contact details will attract their attention and persuade them to contact you.

So the next time you write your white paper make sure you at least include your company logo and your website on every page. Also add them and update your existing white papers.

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