Is it Necessary to Have a Cover Page For Your White paper?

17 Aug
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When you start designing your white paper, you have two choices. You can have a cover page for your white paper, a page where you have the headline and the sub headline only and a lot of design along with it, to make it appear better and make the white paper look more attractive. You could also have a white paper without a cover page. This is the white paper cover page, where you have the headline and the sub-headline at the top of the page and following it you have the rest of the content of the white paper directly.

Both these styles have their Pros and cons:-

Pros and cons of having a cover page:-

Pro: It looks attractive and can attract a lot of attention. A big headline with a big sub headline surrounded by colour and design will look a lot better than two smaller headlines with minimal design. Readers can also see it from afar and get attracted towards it.

Con: Sometimes the design can put off the reader if it’s over done. Also if the reader is too busy and they can’t see any text from the first page it could discourage them from reading on as they won’t be curious on flipping the page and having a peek at what’s inside.

Pros and Cons of not having a cover page:-

Pro: Your reader can see the first page of the white paper right after reading the headline. If this first page has been written properly it will definitely pull the reader in and will convince them to read the rest of the white paper. It’s also a lot quicker and easier to design a white paper without a fancy cover page.

Con: A page with a small headline, little design and a lot of text will attract a lot less attention than a page with a lot of design and massive headlines. Your white paper will not have that extra edge which will get reader want to observe it more closely. Therefore they might not want to read it.

The best thing to do is to think about your audience before deciding on a cover page. You need to know whether your reader would prefer seeing a lot of text or would prefer seeing a lot of design on the first page. Experiment with it and you will eventually have a first page that works.

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