How to Write Your White Paper Introduction?

2 Aug
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Your white paper introduction is one of the most important parts of your paper. Every part is important, but the introduction is a little more important as it comes right after the attention grabbing headline. The headline’s job is to attract attention and convince the reader to try out the introduction.

The introduction’s job is to get the reader to read the rest of the paper. It needs to let the reader know everything about the paper in the fewest words. Think of it as the mini white paper. It needs to have all or a few of the main problems and solutions that are discussed in the paper.

Writing the introduction:-

1. Learn all about your reader first, think about the problem they are most worried about at the moment and the type of solution that will help them solve this problem. This solution should be in relation with your services or products.

2. Start the introduction with problem the reader is facing, extend on it a bit and then provide the solution that will ease their problem.

3. After this part go ahead and summarize all the content from the white paper. Let them know what the paper is about, how it’s going to help them, as all the problems they face and the solutions they need are discussed in it. Don’t give away too much information, write it briefly.

4. The length can vary. It all depends upon the length of the white paper and the number of problems and solutions.

Keep the above points in mind while writing the introduction and you will definitely be able to write a good white paper introduction, which will convince the reader to read the rest of the paper.

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