How to Write a White Paper Press Release

21 Mar
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One of the best ways to promote a white paper is with a press release. There are several benefits of writing a press release – you can take advantage of the same benefits when you write a press release for a white paper.

Benefits of a white paper press release:-

A white paper press release can help spread the word about your white paper, increase credibility of your white paper and help increase traffic to your white paper landing page which can help increase the number of people who download your white papers, thereby generating you more leads.

How to Write a White paper Press Release?

The biggest mistake most people make while writing a white paper press release is marketing the wrong part of the white paper in the press release. Many people end up marketing the brochure part of the white paper. Here they write more about what the company is all about and why they need to read the white paper produced by their company. This doesn’t work, as people don’t care about who created the white paper – what they care about is how the white paper can help them.

This is what your press release should focus on too – marketing the helpful magazine part of the white paper. So in your press release write about the different benefits of reading the white paper. Let the reader know what they can learn by reading the white paper. Your aim has to be to let them know how reading the white paper is going to benefit them and their company – this will convince them to read your white paper.

Quick tips for writing a white paper press release:-

1. Write a short headline (less than 14 words). The headline needs to attract attention and generate curiosity. One of the best ways to do this is by mentioning a benefit.

2. Start the press release with a short paragraph which explains the problems faced by the reader. These need to be the same problems you mentioned in the white paper.

3. In the next paragraph briefly write about the solutions to these problems and how they can be learnt by reading your white paper.

4. In the next paragraph write more about your white paper and the benefits of reading it and how your reader can make use of the knowledge gathered.

5. After you have marketed the white paper write down some brief information about your company. You could have a statement from your CEO or chairman or from someone of a similar position stating what the white paper is about and how it can help their clients.

6. After you have felt that you have done enough to market the white paper include a call to action which leads to the white paper’s landing page.

7. At the end of the white paper include your contact information. Let people know that they can contact you for more information.

8. Keep the length of the press release to less than 400 words. You don’t want it to be too long as the press release needs to be a quick way to learn more about your lengthy white paper.

These are a few tips which will help you write a powerful white paper press release which can increase white paper downloads and help you generate leads. For more tips read this free white paper on how to promote a white paper.

Also read our free white paper on how to write a white paper.

Have you ever promoted your white paper with a press release? Have you got any tips you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.  

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