How to Use Twitter to Generate Leads?

5 Aug
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Are you new to twitter or have been using twitter for a while and still having a hard time trying to generate leads from it? Well you’re not alone. Many people today are still trying to figure out why they’re not able to generate any leads from twitter, no matter how much effort they put in. They have tried out using the your 12 tweets to my 1 tweet rule and being polite by helping others and thanking them, but nothing seems to work.

The biggest mistake..

The biggest mistake people make is not following the correct people. Whichever guide or article you read always tells you the first thing you need to do is to follow people of your interest or your field. Well this is all good, it will help you make a few good friends, but you probably won’t be able to generate leads from it.

You need to follow people who don’t have the same interest as you, along with the people who share the same interest as you. If you only follow people who have the same interest as you, you will make a few friends who will be happy with what you write and the content you research, but it won’t help you reach your goal. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t follow people who share your interest, you have to do this as I have made many friends (who have the same interests as me) and this has helped me a lot.

What I’m trying to say is you need to supplement these followers with followers who might seem alien to you and your business. The reason being that, these different followers might need your services. Behind most genuine twitter accounts there is a genuine person who might need your services. You and they might not know this at first but once they get to know you through your tweets and you get to interact, you might realize that you need each other’s services and this could lead to a lot of work.

So if an account seems genuine and interesting even though it seems alien and different to what you do, follow it and hopefully they will follow you back and it will lead to a good relationship with a lot of work. I’m not asking you to follow every account you see, follow the accounts which seem genuine and ignore the ones that appear to be spam.

So go ahead and look for interesting people and eventually it will lead to interesting work. For a basic guide on how to use twitter, please read this free twitter guide.