How to Use a White Paper to Get Your Clients Contact Details

22 Feb
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One of the many ways you can use your white paper is to get your clients contact details. Some companies use white papers, effectively, to get the contact details of potential clients and use these contact details to build relationships with their clients, while some struggle to get any contact details, thereby their white paper goes to waste, as nobody downloads them with the fear of giving away too much personal information.

The biggest mistake…

The biggest mistake companies make while trying to get people to download their white paper is by asking for too much contact information. I have seen many websites where they ask the reader to provide information like their job details, age, gender, home address etc. in exchange for downloading the white paper. This can discourage a lot of people from downloading the white paper.

You need to ask yourself the question – Would I give away all my personal information to a stranger for a small gift?

Asking all this information will also decrease your white papers exposure as nobody will download them and all the effort and investment you put into writing the white paper will just go to waste.

The solution…

Usually the solution is to just ask for the person’s name and email address, for downloading the white paper. Your aim has to be to get their email address – most people wouldn’t mind giving their email address, as it’s one of the safest ways to communicate with someone (new). Getting the name is also important as you can send emails addressing that and this can help make a personal connection.

After you get their email address, you can stay in touch with them and send them your latest news, offers, and content and use it build relationships. Once you have obtained your readers trust you can ask them for more information like their phone numbers, company name, job title, etc. You can do this by offering another free white paper or a free video or webinar.

If you try out the above tips and initially just ask for your potential clients’, names and email addresses, you should see an increase in the number of white paper downloads. You can then use these email addresses to obtain more details of your potential clients.

If you would like to learn more about how to promote your white paper, you can read this free white paper on how to promote your white paper.

What details do you ask your clients for in exchange for downloading your free white paper? Have you ever experimented with the details you usually ask for and how has this effected your white paper downloads? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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  • David

    Has anyone removed all the barriers to down loading the white papers? What were increases in download ? If there we no barriers and downloads increase 10 times or 20 times or at what point you do this? This is based on opt in on the white papers–Information on the footer.