How To Track Your White Paper Downloads?

22 Aug
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After you write a white paper it’s important to track the number of readers who are downloading. This will help you determine if writing the white paper has worked or not. You can be sure that it has worked, only if you are able to check if people have been reading it.

Normally, by using a sign up you will be able to approximately estimate the number of people who have read it. By counting the number of people who have signed up to read the white paper you will get the rough number of people who have read your white paper. By using this and the number of leads you have gathered, you can determine your white paper’s success.

How do you track readers without an email sign up?

If you don’t plan to use email marketing and you want to make it really easy for your readers to download your white paper, you can avoid the sign ups and still track your white papers. Yes you can!

When you don’t use a sign up, the best thing to do would be to try out an URL shortener, like bitly. Bitly is a software normally used to shorten URLs to give them a better appearance and make them fit into the word limit on Twitter. Another advantage is that these bitly shortened URL’s track clicks.

You could insert this shortened URL into clickable button that leads to the white paper PDF. Now every time somebody clicks on your link it will be recorded in your bitly account. This way you can track the number of people who have clicked on your links. This can actually track your readers better than a sign up, as bitly gives you other information like the country in which your link was clicked, where the reader came across it, etc.

Therefore by using a bitly URL shortener you can track down your readers and calculate the effectiveness of your white paper.

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  • Anshul Gautam

    I think offering free white papers using links may not be highly effective, you can track the number of clicks but you will never know the interested persons name, may be by using Google analytics you can find out the city from where the clicks took place but still you won’t reach the prospect, its definitely important to improve the traffic but more important is to convert that traffic. what do you think?

    • Hi Anshul – I think Google Analytics is a great way to measure traffic. Using it you can check the country and the city, from which people have visited your website, but you can never be sure if they are clicking on your link and downloading your white paper.

      There will be many people who visit your website and the page where the white paper is located, but they might not download it (click on the link). Google Analytics will not show you who clicked on the link, but a Bitly shortened URL will be able to. – Mitt

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