How to Measure Your White Paper’s Success?

5 Oct
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After you publish your white paper, it’s extremely necessary that you take careful measurements and make sure that your white paper was a success. This will let you know if the white paper worked or if all the effort put into it wasn’t effective enough and if you need to make any new updates to help it function better.

Below you will find step by step instructions which will teach you how to measure your white paper success:-

1. The first thing you need to do is, count the number of people who have read your white paper. This is normally obtained by the number of email addresses you have obtained from your white paper downloads through registration forms or by using link tracking methods. For more information on tracking white paper downloads read this post.

2. You can also get the percentage of readers the white paper has been passed on to by multiplying the above figure obtained by 93/100 as the number of white papers passed on is normally 93% according to Information Week. It’s not very necessary to follow this step. You can skip it if you feel that your white paper hasn’t been passed on to other readers.

3. If you take the above step and your white paper was already downloaded many times you might want to calculate the number of times these people (who it was passed it onto) passed them on again.

4. After this you need to make a note of the number of leads you generated through white papers.

5. Now divide the number of leads generated with the number of white paper downloads and multiply this with 100. This should give you your white paper success percentage.

If you have got a good high percentage you can be sure that your white paper is working, but if the percentage is really low, you might need to make some changes to your white paper or get a brand new white paper written from scratch.

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