How to Link Your White Paper Series Together?

23 Jul
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Sometimes white papers become too long. When they reach a length of more than 12 pages the best thing would be to divide them into two or more papers which are less than 12 pages in length. This will make the paper easy to read. Instead of reading the long never ending paper, the reader can choose the specific papers they are interested and read them.

Many people avoid this. They prefer writing one long paper. This is because they think that writing one long white paper will increase the chances of it being read completely. They are afraid that readers will avoid reading the other white papers in the series. This can be avoided if you link the series of papers together, which would make more people want to read the next paper in the series.

Linking white papers together:-

  • You could have links to the next and the previous paper in every paper once at the beginning, once in the middle and once in the end. This will keep reminding the reader that there’s a lot more useful information in those white papers.
  • When you write the links in the paper, give them more information about the content of that paper, as this will make them want to read it.
  • The links could directly lead to the PDF or they could lead to the sales page of the white paper.
  • Deliver all the links to the different papers in the series together in one email, instead of asking them to register for each paper.
  • You could also email all the papers as attachments, instead of links.
  • Make them PDF reader friendly, so that they can access the entire series wherever they want to.
  • Write good papers. If all your papers are written well, your reader will want to continue reading all of them.

If you follow the tips above you can get people to read you white paper series.

What do you prefer one long white paper or a series of white papers?

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