How to Get Your White Paper to Appear on The First Pages of Search Engines

2 Nov
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As a white paper is generally a PDF document, it will be hard for it to appear on the first pages of search engines, but you can optimize the landing page on which the white paper is placed. Optimizing the landing page will help it to turn up on the first pages of search engines which will help your white paper to receive a lot of traffic and out do your competition.

Below are steps which help you out do your competition and turn up on the first pages of search engines:-

1. Research: After writing your white paper, the first thing you need to do is research relevant keywords for your white paper. Using a free tool like Google Adwords you can find out the relevant keywords your potential clients are searching with on the internet while looking for relevant information. Make a note of all the keywords you find important.

2. Write the Landing Page: After you have all the relevant keywords you plan to optimize your white paper landing page with, you can start writing your white paper landing page. Don’t stuff your landing page with as many keywords as you can as this will mark your page as spam and your page could be removed from search engines. A good percentage of keywords you can use is 2% to 6%. Also make sure you add relevant metadata and add keywords in special places like the headline, the first paragraph, somewhere in the middle and the last line.

3. Build Backlinks: After you finish writing the landing page you need to start building powerful backlinks which will improve your website rankings. You can get powerful backlinks by making comments, writing guest posts, or submitting articles to article directories. Usually a good white paper will get you powerful backlinks automatically as other writers will want to write about it on their websites and blogs. Normally when they write about it they include a link that leads directly to your white paper sales page. This gives it some good backlinks.

So make sure you follow the above tips and optimize your white paper landing page and out do your competition on search engines.

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