How To End Your White Paper With Company Information?

3 Aug
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The company and product or service information you provide at the end of the white paper is the key to you selling your service. The first part is the most important, because white papers need to convey the message about the problems and solutions first. That’s what they are all about, but your company information is important too.

Your company information could be the key to you generating leads. The problems and the solutions convey the message, but it’s the job of the company information to let the reader know that you’re providing a readymade solution which is one just like the one you wrote about in the solutions section.

Tips to Write a Persuasive Company and Product Information Section:

1. Start off with an introduction, write a company profile. Let them know what the company is all about, what they do and how they do it. Don’t write this in first person write it in second person describing the company as they and them.

2. After providing the company information you can write about the product or service information. Have a sub title and after that a small paragraph about the product and service and then a list of benefits of using the solutions or the products. Make sure you cover each and every benefit.

3. All these benefits should be written in association with the solutions provided in the solutions section. As you want the reader to know that you have got a solution similar to the solutions mentioned earlier.

4. Don’t over sell it. A white paper can be a powerful tool only when you don’t try to directly sell your services or products. Just writing your company information and the benefits will actually increase your chances of generating quality leads.

5. Don’t use a strong call to action. You could just use a line like “to find out more contact us on…” or “If you would like to solve your problems contact us on…”. Never use words like “buy it now” or “you must buy”.

If you follow the above tips you can be sure of having a persuasive ending which fits in well with the white paper.

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