How to Convert Your White Paper Into Blog Posts

7 Mar
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As I mentioned in this earlier post, white papers can be converted into several short blog posts or a few long posts. You don’t have to use your white paper just as a white paper – you can convert it and use it as blog posts too. This works really well if done before or after you publish your white paper.

If this is done before or after the white paper has been published it can increase white paper downloads, as you will be attracting relevant traffic to your website. These people will be interested in downloading and reading your white paper if they find your blog posts helpful.

How do you convert the white paper into blog posts?

The best blog posts offer solutions and this is what a white paper is filled with solutions to problems. The contents of the white paper can be divided into two sections the problems and the solutions. When people read white papers they want to find out more about the problems that are effecting and the solutions to these problems. But when they read blog posts they are looking for solutions. They aren’t interested to find out all the details about the problems. All they want to read is solutions.

What does a blog post contain…

A good blog post usually has a brief introduction which explains the problem and perfect the solution(s) is discussed in detail. This is how you need to use the content of the white paper too. All you will need to do is take a couple of lines from the problem stated in the white paper and use it in the introduction. Following this problem will be the solution to that problem which is discussed in detail. The solution can just be as it’s written in the white paper or it can be a little different with new content written in your own words.

After you finish writing it, make sure you add a call to action which asks the reader to download the free white paper on the same subject.

Another way in which an entire white paper can be converted into one single post is like in this post. Here the common mistakes are stated and the solutions to all of them are provided. This post is just like a miniature white paper.

These are a couple of ways in which you can convert your white papers into several blog posts or one long blog post.

To learn how to write white papers read this free white paper on how to write a white paper.

Have you ever converted your white paper into blog posts? Have you got any tips you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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