How Much Does a White Paper Cost

13 Mar
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“How much does a white paper cost,” this is the first question I am asked when someone wants me to write them a white paper.

Many factors influence the price…

The cost of a white paper can depend upon many factors like the length, the subject, the time taken, etc. Every white paper won’t cost the same. The white paper cost will usually vary from one project to another as different amounts of time will be required to create different white papers.

Some white papers might need more time writing, some white papers might need a lot more research – these are just a couple of the many factors that could affect the cost of a white paper. It usually takes up to 24 to 45 hours to write a white paper.

A good white paper costs between $1,000 and $3,000

A good price for a white paper is $1,000 to $3,000. Sure, you can get a white paper for a lot less than that, but are you ready to take the risk. When you get a white paper written on the cheap, you take the risk of losing a lot of time and money.

There might be a few writers who would write a white paper for really cheap, but this is going to affect the quality of the white paper. Sure you will save a lot of money and you will have a white paper, but you probably won’t generate leads with it and all the money you spent on getting this white paper written will just go to waste and you will need to shell out more to get a new effective white paper written.

Always keep quality ahead of price…

So make sure you get a white paper written by a good experienced writer. Like I mentioned a good price for a white paper is between $1,000 and $3,000. This price might include a basic design too. The writer might charge a little more if the client wants some special design in the white paper. If your budget is a lot more than this you can find a few other writers who charge between $7,000 and $14,000.

Before you hire a writer spend some time analysing their work. Check if they have written any articles about white papers, their samples, etc. Getting a white paper written is a very important part of your marketing strategy, make sure you get it right the first time and then make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you would like to learn how to write a white paper read this free white paper on how to write a white paper.

Have you ever had a white paper written? How much did it cost you? Are you a writer – how much do you charge for a white paper? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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  • Anonymous

    This is a good post Ray. Made me feel better about my fee. I always wondered if the price I charge is too expensive. Okay, I don’t write white papers but operations/procedure manuals to be precise. The concept is the same I reckon.

    Anyway I have had potential clients argue that my price is high. It’s disheartening sometimes that clients don’t understand the time and resource it takes to write. My manuals take up to 14 weeks at times and I charge a total fee for the number of chapters and sub-chapter with unlimited word count. My quality is good and very comprehensive but yet the value is not so appreciated. I even offer flexible payment terms.

    Just thought I drop a note here to say I agree with you. Cheers.

    • Hi Joe,

      Thank you for your comment. I am really happy that you liked the post.

      You’re right – if you offer a quality service you have the right to charge a high price. People can complain and maybe use a cheaper service, but soon when things don’t workout, they usually realize why it was cheaper.

      It’s always cheap for a reason.

      Just stick to your prices and you will attract quality clients who will be ready to pay for your services. – Mitt

  • Dylan

    I think companies need to recognise far more the value that WP’s generate. If I look at my sector, corporate IT, a lot of event sponsorships will be upwards of $10K, have a usefulness of 2-3 days and generate a handful of leads (if lucky) whereas a finely tuned WP has far more longevity, speaking to past clients a lot of my WP’s have generated hundreds of new leads so WP’s and content marketing are easily the most cost-effective means of lead generation.

    Sadly some marketing directors still balk at the idea of paying people what their worth but that’s their loss, far better to cultivate the clients who appreciate your work and continue to explore new content ideas with them instead.

    • Thank you for your comment Dylan.

      That’s true a well written white paper has more longevity than other kinds of marketing materials. A white paper can continue generating leads for years after it has been written.

      If clients know the true value of white papers they will be willing to pay well for them. – Mitt

  • Kriscook

    need help! I am a newbie being asked to write a proposal for (a white paper which I have never written!) for “Radiation Oncology- New Advances.” I really want and need this gig, which will become regular white paper writing – but have no idea how to “educate” customer on the vast difference in pricing bw a white paper versus newsletter writing. They “offed” my (really low) bid for newsletter writing – so I am leery of sending them the data for White paper writing? I have no idea on amount of research required – and in the absence of clarity (which I am in the process of pursuing with client), don’t want to nix myself out of the gate. Shall i present the entire bid in terms of an hourly rate – hence dependent on how many hours required for interviewing, researching, writing and editing? They want me to “guesstimate” how long it will take – and I have no clue with this technical/medical field.
    And althought I have a MA and am used to (and love) writing and research papers, what if they ask for a sample of mine- which i do not have (for white papers, that is).?

    I am under deadline – any help is SOOOO appreciated.

  • Kriscook

    Does anyone have a template for “statement of work” for bidding on a white paper job? I want to look professional while “covering my bases” with protection in terms of “kill fee” or (client) cancellation or unforeseen exhorbitant amounts of work not estimated in my bid.?
    Thanks for the help

  • Kriscook

    Is it at all appropriate (or helpful or hurtful) to include “education” within the proposal as to the (pricing) differential between a white paperand a newsletter for a client? They have never used a freelancer before and aren’t familiar with this pricing being so different (i.e., thousands versus a hundred)…
    I was thinking of providing a hyperlink or a statement as to the difference of the two types so that I am not “nixed” due to their ignorance.

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