How Important is a Blog Post

24 Sep
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Every blog post you write is as important as a page. Think of the blog post as a landing page which has the ability to convert a reader into a client. The more posts you have, the more landing pages you have and the ability of your blog to land clients goes up.

Therefore, you need to put in a lot of effort and concentration while writing every blog post. Once you have written the perfect blog post you can be sure of it working with other blog posts on your website to land clients or to encourage visitors to click on the ads on your website.

Steps you need to take to make sure your blog post is perfect:-

1. Think of original topics and use original content while writing your blog posts

2. Make sure you use the right keywords in your blog post, so that your website generates a lot of traffic from search engines. If you are using WordPress, you can make this job a lot easier by using a plugin like All in one SEO, which has the ability to make SEO simple.

3. Make sure your blog posts are flawless. A quality blog post has no mistakes in it. You should make sure that when a client visits your blog they enjoy reading your blog post without any problems. Therefore, you need to proof read your blog posts several times before publishing them. Also get a proof-reader to read them before they go live.

4. Interlink your blog posts, i.e. use links in your blog posts that lead to other blog posts within your blog. This will not only encourage readers to read more posts and pages on your blog, but is also good for SEO. These links between posts can act as powerful backlinks.

If you want to make sure that you write the perfect blog posts and use them the right way, then follow the four steps above.