How Frequently Should You Post on Your Blog?

14 Aug
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Blogging is a great way to generate leads. It helps you display your expertise and attract more traffic to your website. Your blog traffic is directly proportional to the number of posts your blog already has and the number of times you post in a day.

A recent study shows that once you have more than 51 posts on your blog, your blog will start receiving 53% more traffic than blogs with 20 to 50 posts. The study also shows that blogs where articles are posted everyday or several times a day have a lot more traffic than blogs that post only once every week or a month.

It would be nice for you to post two to three times a day to quickly increase your traffic, but you need to keep certain factors in mind while posting several times a day:-

1. Make sure that the quality of your posts are good. Normally when you go for quantity the quality of the work gets affected. You might feel happy that you’re posting everyday and that your traffic is increasing, but if the quality of your writing goes down, you will naturally lose the attention of your readers and writing all those articles will go to waste.

Therefore when you write many articles for your blog make sure that they are quality articles. Quality will always win over quantity.

2. Don’t post all your articles at the same time. Post each at different times of the day. You don’t want to give all your readers too much to read at the same time.

3. Post at specific times. Always follow a schedule when you post several times a day. Have a specific time interval between each post and post the next one right after the time interval.

4. Check your visitor stats regularly. After you start posting regularly it’s important that you check and make sure that it has increased the number of readers visiting your blog and the amount of time they spend there. Also check if the average number of page views has gone up. This is very important as if there is no change or a decrease in traffic there could be no use in putting in all that effort into writing and posting.

So start posting a lot of quality blog posts everyday and check if this increases your traffic.