How does a White Paper Work?

2 Jun
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If you’re keen on finding out what makes the white paper such a powerful tool, then you’ve come to the right place. The proper structuring of the contents of the white paper is the key to it functioning properly. There are many ways of writing these papers, but for this purpose let’s discuss the most common and easiest structure. This is the structure where you write an introduction first, the problems next, after that the solutions and then finally the description of your products/services.


The first thing your reader is going to see is the headline. Therefore it’s important to have a good headline that lures your reader in and encourages them to start reading your white paper. After the heading it’s important to have a brief introduction to the document. The aim of the introduction is to let the reader know the problems and the solutions that are going to be discussed in the document and how they are going to help them.


The problems


After this introduction comes the problems section, you start off with the introduction to the problems section and then you start writing the problems one by one. This section is the key in making the rest of the white paper work.


You need to do all the research you can and discover new problems for this section of the white paper. Your readers know about some of the problems that already exist. These problems are the reason why they’re reading it. They’re looking for the solutions to these problems in the these papers. The new problem you have discovered and added, will surprise them. It’s going to make them think. “Oh my god, I knew we had these two problems, but those new problems, I never thought of them, and what am I going to do now?”


This is going to get them really worried. They didn’t know about this problem all the while and they have just realized that this problem has been affecting their business and their sales. This makes them really look forward to the solutions section.


Now the Solutions


The solutions section should consist of solutions to all the problems that were described in the problems section of the white paper. This part will make your reader go, “Wow! That’s a great solution I know how to improve my sales now.” Your reader is now thinking about ways to implement this solution. They are thinking about how much it’s going to cost them and how long it’s going to take them. But then right after the solution comes the part of the white paper where you write your company info and your services that are directly linked to the solutions.


The services


The services offered by your company in the paper will make the reader go, “Okay, that’s a good service and I can use it right now, I don’t have to wait for my people spend time trying to figure out a similar solution.” The reader will prefer using the service offered by experts which will work right away, which means that the company doesn’t have to lose money investing and waiting for a solution that might or might not work, so they will call you right away to use your service.


And that’s how a white paper works. For this to work you need to make sure that you write about the company info (products/services) only at the end of the paper. Your client will only read the paper, if they feel that it’s been written for their benefit, mentioning company info in the middle of the white paper will make your paper sound like a direct marketing material and might discourage them from reading the white paper.


Hope this article about was helpful?


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