Do I have to be an Expert on the Subject to Write the White Paper?

3 Jun
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It’s not necessary for you to be an expert on the subject to be able to write a white paper. If you’re an expert in that field it’s good, but if you’re writing and marketing skills aren’t very good then, it’s better to choose somebody who is good at writing and sales & marketing.


A white paper is a powerful marketing tool which is made up of words, therefore it’s necessary that somebody who has experience in sales and marketing and writing should write it. The person might not be an expert at the field, but after the person spends a little amount of time researching the topic, they can come up with enough information that can be used to write a white paper that works.


Research should mainly consist of reading about relevant articles, books, about the company and the product/service, about the market and competition etc. and interviews. The expert at the company should generally give the writer the information about the material the writer should read. The writer should also do their own research and dig up useful information that will help them write the white paper.


After reading the material another interview should be conducted with the experts and other people at the company who would like to express their views. During this interview the experts and other employees should let the writer know what they expect the paper to portray. The writer shouldn’t hesitate clearing the doubts on the subject which their research wasn’t able to clear, during the interview. If necessary the writer should also conduct interviews with experts outside the company.


After all this research, the writer should be able to write a white paper that works.


The other advantage of using a writing and Sales & Marketing expert is that, this person knows how to sell product and will do their best in learning all the basics and explaining them using the simplest of terms. This will ensure that anybody reading the white paper will be able to understand it with ease. If the expert writes it they will normally end up using complicated jargon, that wouldn’t make sense to the reader and will just bore them. There by making your paper useless. This is one advantage for a writer who is not an expert in the field. They will do their best to understand everything, for this they will dig up and learn all the facts in the simplest form and when they produce it, it will be in its simplest form too and anybody reading it will be able to understand it.


Hope this article was helpful?


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