Do B2C White Papers Work?

7 Jun
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Some people wonder if B2C white papers work as they are mainly written for the B2B (Business to Business) market. Very few of these papers are written for the B2C (Business to Consumer) market. This is because people think that only business employees will spend their time reading long white papers. They think that the general public wouldn’t be willing to spend their time reading these papers.


But that’s wrong, because B2C White papers do work. I have seen B2C business generate loads of leads using good B2C white papers. I myself have read these B2C papers. I once read a 60 page B2C paper it was more of a guide than a white paper. But it had information about a service that provides the same solution at the end and it did its job. As soon as I finished reading it I called up the company and registered for the service. And I’m not a person with all the time in the world. I spend almost all my time writing books, blogging and copywriting, yeah very busy. But somehow I made the time to read it and I managed to read every word of it.


Haven’t you yourself ever read guides, B2C white papers, recipe booklets etc. and at the end ended up using the services of the company that produced the products.  And long sales pages, haven’t you read really long sales pages, whether it’s B2B or B2C long sales pages are known to work better than short ones. It’s the same with these papers.


Those marketing materials worked because they were good. Those marketing materials have been written in the right way for the right audience. B2C white papers that work will always have a good attractive headline that will lure the reader and after that it’s the job of the problems and solutions that will scare and relieve the reader respectively. These emotions will lead the reader straight to your products and services and they will end up using them. Emotions dictate what people purchase and this is what exactly white papers do, they act upon emotions like fear, desire, greediness etc. and make the reader crave for your solution.


Whether you’re a B2B company or a B2C company, remember that these papers always work when they’re written in the right way. So make sure you write one or get one written to promote your service/products and watch your profits soar.


Hope this article was helpful?


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