Can You Write a 1 Page White Paper

15 Feb
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Many people think that a white paper can just be a page or a couple of pages long. Well you can attempt to write a one or two page white paper, but it won’t be a white paper. A white paper needs to have a detailed discussion of a problem and its solution – Do you think this can be achieved in two pages?

The answer is simple – No you can’t.

For a white paper to work you need to have a detailed discussion of problems and solutions which can extend over pages and then you have to still add the introduction and the company information. All this information together, will definitely make the white paper more than 1 or two pages long. If you write a one or two page white paper, it will be more like a short 500 word article, which has a brief introduction, a brief problem and a detailed solution. But what a white paper requires is a detailed problem along with the solution.

You need a detailed problem which lets the reader know all the problems that are affecting them and why they need to get rid of them and only after informing them about the problems, can you give a detailed solution which helps the reader solve these problems.

Make them at least 4 pages long…

A good white paper is usually at least 6 to 14 pages long. The minimum length I would give a white paper is 4, maybe 3 pages anything below that is too short to be a white paper and more likely to be an article. One point you need to remember about white papers is that the longer it is the more effective it’s going to be. As the key to a powerful white paper is the education it provides. A longer white paper will definitely be loaded with more useful tips than a short one.

So the next time you create a white paper, make sure it’s longer than 1 or 2 pages and goes into a lot of detail about the problems and the solutions.

If you would like to learn how to write white papers, you can read this free white paper on how to write a white paper.

What’s the shortest white paper you have ever written? How long do you think the average white paper should be? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.