Can You Name Your White Paper Something Else?

29 Nov
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After I wrote my white paper, “Understand and Write White Papers”, a white paper on how to write white papers, I proof read and edited it myself and then sent it to my editor, so that he can take a look at it and make any necessary corrections and let me know if I need to make any changes.

The feedback I received from him was that everything seems fine, but he asked me if, it would be possible to change it to something like a blue or a yellow paper on how to write white papers rather than a white paper on how to write white papers, as the word white paper had been used too many times and my editor was afraid that it might confuse the reader.

I decided not to take his advice though. Being a white paper writer I wanted it to be called a white paper, as it not only displays my expertise at writing white papers, but it also acts as a white paper sample by itself. I felt that naming it something else like a blue or yellow paper wouldn’t sound right.

What you name your white paper depends upon your personal aims and your audience. There are many people, who call documents which aren’t white papers as white papers and there are others who call some white papers ebooks. They seem to do this to suit their company’s needs, their audience and their market better.  So it all boils down to what you think will work best for you.

I have found that it’s best to name it a white paper, because there is already a big buzz about white papers. People have been learning about white papers and they know that they play an important role in inbound marketing and there are many people who are curious about learning what they are. Another important point to keep in mind is that decision makers look forward to reading white papers more than a document called yellow paper or an ebook as it sounds more professional.

So before you name your white paper a white paper, or a yellow paper or an ebook, ponder over it, keeping in mind; your company, your target audience and your competition.