Always Make Sure That The Aim of Your White Paper is to Educate

22 Nov
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When you write your white paper you always need to make sure that your white paper’s main purpose is to educate. I have read several white papers which are completely focus on marketing the service or product. You can actually see it early on in these white papers. The marketing messages come out early. Everything about what the company does is mentioned early on.

This might look good from the company’s point of view, everything about the company can be found on every page of the white paper starting from the first page, but it doesn’t work. The reader reads the white paper hoping to learn something informative and educative, something that will help them perform better, without having to find out much about your company.

The reader wants to know how your expertise and all the tips you have learnt from your experience and research can help them perform better. They don’t want to find out what your company is all about and what type of solution it provides. If they wanted to directly use your services they would read a sales page or a brochure instead of a white paper.

A white paper has always been known as an educative document and readers download and read them expecting to learn from them. Once they find that all the white paper does is nothing but promote the company, it will surprise them at first and they will eventually give up reading and read a different white paper that will help them – A white paper that gives away tips on performing better.

Once this white paper helps them they will be sure that the company that produced it is has definitely got expertise and they will use their services. Therefore, you need to do the same thing and keep your white paper educational. Your company name should be mentioned at the end in the brochure only. This is the only place where your services should be mentioned.

One thing you can do is add you logo and your company name and website on the header or the footer. This type of branding is permitted and won’t distract the reader.

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