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The white paper blog is a copywriting blog dedicated to white papers. Here you will find articles which will help you understand what white papers are, how they work and how to write them on your own. Whether you’re a writer looking to master the skill of writing these papers or a company planning to write these papers, to help market yourself better, this blog will be able to help you.

You will also find articles here that will teach you how to market your paper better. You will learn about the various marketing materials that can be used to promote these papers and how to write these marketing materials.

All the articles on this website will be written by experienced writers from various fields like Copywriting, SEO writing, marketing, etc.

Meet the writer

Hi! I’m Mitt Ray the white paper blog writer. I am also the owner of imittcopy, a copywriting service. I specialize in creating and marketing white papers. I am the author of the book White Paper Marketing. Using the experience I have gained over the years, I regularly post articles relating to writing and marketing these papers on this blog. My aim is to simplify the task of writing these papers for writers and companies. You can also check out my paper “Understand and Write White papers”, which helps you understand and write these powerful marketing tools. I am also the author of the book White Paper Marketing.

On this white paper blog I will also have regular guest bloggers from the fields of copywriting, SEO, design, editing etc. post articles about topics they specialize in. If you’re interested in posting an article on this website you can always contact me on my email mitt@imittcopy.com. You can also contact me if you’ve got any doubts about writing these papers. I will be happy to help you.

Hope you enjoy reading the posts here. For more information visit our website www.imittcopy.com.