7 Ways to Promote Your Content With Linkedin

18 Apr
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Are you on Linkedin?

Have you ever promoted your content with Linkedin?

If you’re a B2B company, one of the social media sites you need concentrate promoting yourself on is Linkedin. With more than 150 million users and about 80% of them being decision makers in companies, Linkedin can be a great platform to promote your business. This study by Hubspot also shows that Linkedin is one of the best lead generators – ahead of facebook and Twitter.

B2B companies and marketers should take advantage of this and focus their efforts on generating leads on Linkedin. One of the best ways to do this is by promoting your content here.

Below are 7 methods you could use to promote your content on Linkedin:-

1. Answer questions:-

Using the answers tool located on the top right hand corner of your Linkedin profile, you can find questions (being asked) on subjects you’re an expert at and answer them. After you finish answering the questions leave a link to your blog or a specific blog post in the fields below. This will help increase website traffic and will also help display more of your expertise on that subject.

2. Share in Groups:-

Another great place to promote your content is in groups. Look for groups relevant to your niche. You can promote every new blog post or any other form of content here. Start a discussion: first write down a headline, then a description and after that attach a link to the content you would like to share. You could also provide links to your content as a response to a discussion wherever you think it’s appropriate, doing this will help you build relationships with people working in similar niches and with potential clients.

3. Add blog applications:-

You can promote your latest content by adding the WordPress application and the Blog Link application to your Linkedin profile.

Both these applications will help display the latest blog posts being published on your blog(s).

4. Add slides:-

Another good application is the Slide Share Presentations Application. If you have an account on Slide Share, you can then display all these slides on your Linkedin profile by adding the Slide Share Presentations Application to your profile.

5. Add share buttons to blog posts:-

You can also encourage people who visit your blog to share your posts on Linkedin, by installing the Linkedin share buttons, above and/or below your blog posts.

6. Add share buttons to documents:-

Another place where you can add your share buttons is in your documents. If you have any white papers, ebooks, case studies, etc. you can add Linkedin share buttons to them too. All people will need to do is click on these share buttons, while reading these documents, to share them. You can learn more about how to do this by reading this post.

7. Link your Twitter and Linkedin accounts:-

One of the best ways to keep your Linkedin profile updated is by linking it with your twitter account. If you do this, every time you tweet something, it will be posted on your Linkedin profile too. This can help you save a lot of time and also increase your twitter click through rate.

This can be done by adding your twitter accounts first and then choosing the twitter account you would like to link to your Linkedin profile.

These are a few ways in which you can promote your content in Linkedin. Following these steps will help increase your website traffic and also help you get more shares on Linkedin.

How do you use Linkedin to promote your content? Have I missed out any tips? Please leave your comments in the comments box below?


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