7 Useful iPad Apps for Advertisers

16 Sep
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Applications for the iPad are all the rage for both personal and professional uses. It’s not a hard phenomenon to understand: the iPad and its tailored apps make light work of so many formerly complex tasks. With the right iPad application, you can significantly cut research time, get stats and facts and access targeted professional tools quickly. This allows you to work better and more efficiently, with very little effort.

The field of advertising enjoys many excellent apps available for the iPad. From students to seasoned pros, and even for the layperson running an advertising campaign, the following apps will quickly prove their worth.

Seven Great iPad Apps for Advertising:-

1. Keynote. Keynote consistently ranks high in “best of” iPad apps lists. This is the Apple version of Powerpoint, that famed presentation tool. Thanks to the iPad, though, Keynote makes the app much more reasonable for travel and work at remote locations.

2. iAd for Brands. iAd for Brands lets you create targeted advertising campaigns for the iPad, hitting just the users you want, tailored to coincide with their usage. It allows you to “bring your story” into your targeted iPad advertising campaign.

3. Hootsuite. Whether on your own behalf or on the behalf of clients, you’ll no doubt want to stay in the mix on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Hootsuite makes it easy to manage accounts for multiple sites and schedule posts and updates, allowing you to utilize the most popular form of word-of-mouth advertising today.

4. AirDisplay 1.2 for iPad. This app allows you to utilize your iPad as a second screen, something that can prove invaluable when in the midst of complex projects, or when you want to stay up with your “social” side as you work.

5. Dragon Dictation. Dragon is probably one of the best known tools in the realm of dictation. The iPad app version will allow you to dictate docs and emails, or just quickly and easily get ideas on record while you attend to other matters.

6. Dropbox. Dropbox is a popular and well-known file storage, management, and sharing device. It has its limitations and users often wish for better usability (such as the ability to edit docs), but the fact that it is free and widely used makes it is good choice.

7. iThoughts HD. iThoughts HD is a mind-mapping application that makes simpler, portable work of brainstorming, note-taking, goal-making, and more. It implies many possible uses for advertising professionals.

These seven iPad apps are an excellent start for any advertiser who wants to capitalize on the portability and flexibility of the iPad. Give them a try and make the most of your travels, waits, and remote work opportunities.

Maryellen Ward enjoys researching information and course requirements for master degree advertising programs online.

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