7 Interviewing Tips to Help You Gather Quality Information For Your White Paper

1 Aug
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Interviewing is one of the key steps to writing a simple quality white paper, especially if you’re new to the subject.  The interview lets you know more about the subject, more about the aims of the company and the expert, and will help you clear your doubts. Therefore when you interview somebody, you need to make sure you gather all the information. You can either interview them in person or on the phone.

Interviewing tips:-

1. Ask the interviewee where and when they would like to be interviewed. Find out if they want to meet up in person and do it face to face or on the phone or on a communication tool like Skype. Most people prefer the phone or Skype because they can do it from home or from work or anywhere they want to. They don’t have to spend their time travelling. Also ask them what’s the best time for the interview, whether it’s better during the day, when they’re at work, or when they’re free in the evening or on the weekend.

2. Be prepared for the interview. Read all the content and files you can. As soon as you get the writing job, the best thing to do is to find out from the expert and the employers what sort of content would be appropriate to read. Ask them to give them to you and read them. Also do your own research and find appropriate content that relates to the subject and industry and make note of what you have learnt and all the doubts you have.

3. Be polite at the interview, wish them, speak clearly, make sure they are comfortable and thank them.

4. Ask them what sort of outcome they want from the white paper. What sort of message they want the white paper to convey. You’re writing the white paper for the audience, but it’s important to take their opinions into consideration too.

5. Clear all your doubts, and questions that arose from the research. This will help you write a more informative white paper. Make sure you learn everything here, as you don’t want to call them again and again and pester them with your questions.  Try to get all your questions cleared in that interview.

6. Make a note of all that you have learnt. This way you will always have the answers when you write the content. You don’t have to go through the trouble of asking them again in case you forget them.

7. Thank them at the end of the interview and let them know that they have been very helpful in helping you write the white paper.

Hope these white paper interview tips help you with your white paper research.

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